Pot Vaporizer: How to Use One Properly

Pot VaporizerVaping, or using a pot vaporizer to inhale marijuana vapors, has become very popular in recent years. And there are actually a few good reasons why. For starters, many people are trying to lead healthier lives, but still want to mellow out with some herb from time to time; but they want to do it without actually smoking. Now, we all know that smoking herb is nowhere near as dangerous as smoking cigarettes, but vaping is considerably healthier.

The other reason that people have been turning more and more to the use of a pot vaporizer, is that vaporizers have come a long way in recent years. At the beginning of the e-cigarette/vaporizer craze, the pipes for sale were pretty much hit or miss. Some were great, others not so much. But improvements in the industry have led to some pretty solid pot vaporizer pipes hitting the market more frequently.

If you’re reading this post, there’s a very good chance that you plan on using a pot vaporizer in the very near future, or perhaps you’ll be buying one to use. That’s all good. We just wanted to share with you some helpful tips about the proper way to use your marijuana vaporizer.

Using a Pot Vaporizer: Step by Step

Instead of pontificating on a bunch of points, we figured it would be best to give you a step-by-step walk-through of the process. So if you’re ready, here we go…

Step 1 – Break up or grind the herb.

Lots of people have bad experiences with their weed vaporizer, and it’s not even the vaporizer’s fault at all. These folks are just failing to break up or grind their herb up enough for the vaporizer to do its thing. Remember, you’re not going to be burning the weed, so you can’t approach this the same way as you would if you were smoking a bowl. Vaporizers can only be effective when the stuff you’re smoking is ground up a bit. In fact, some of the better pot vaporizer pipes even include a small grinder when you buy them, so you can have a great vaping experience.

Step 2 – Heat up the Vaporizer

Again, this is not like smoking weed. You can’t simply pop your herb into the bowl, turn the vaporizer on and start puffing away. You have to give your pipe ample time to heat up to optimal temperatures. There are different schools of thought about what the optimal temperatures are, but we prefer to keep our vaporizer at about 300 degrees F. This temp setting seems to work great for a lot of people, but you may need to experiment a bit.

One word of warning – if you let your pot vaporizer get too hot, you will end up frying your herb, so be wary of letting your vaporizer get too hot under the collar, as it will ruin the vaping experience.

Step 3 – Inhale

This step should be easy enough for you. Insert the whip, or pipe tube into your mouth and inhale. Start off slowly and see how good of a hit you get. Depending upon your pot vaporizer type, you may have to hit a bit harder or faster. Be patient, experiment and you should have it down pat in a few minutes.

Step 4 – Stir it up…

This is the step that everyone seems to forget. After 3 or 4 hits, you’ll want to take a small knife, or pin and stir u p the herb in your pot vaporizer. That way, you’ll prevent it from burning up, and get some more, fresh hits before you have to reload. Try doing this a few times to get the most from each bowl full.

Using Your Pot Vaporizer: Conclusion

Follow these basic steps, and you should soon be enjoying all the benefits of using your weed vaporizer. Remember, this is new to you, so it may take some time to get the entire process to become second nature. Like anything else in life, though, taking the time to use your pot vaporizer the right way will definitely pay off some massive dividends.

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