Personal Vaporizer: What to Use Them For

Personal VaporizerYou don’t have to go far these days to hear the buzz about vaporizers or to even see someone using their own personal vaporizer. Sometimes it seems as though everyone is “vaping.” Well, we’re sure it’s not everybody, but vaping certainly has continued to grow in popularity and is sure to continue doing so for years to come.

If you’ve never heard about the widespread use of the personal vaporizer, or if you’re relatively new to the vaping subculture, you may wonder what all the hub-bub is about. Should you get a cheap vaporizer, or an expensive one? Is vaping only for people who smoke a lot of marijuana? You could be asking these questions, or any number of others. But let’s start with some baseline basics – what do people use their personal vaporizer pipes for

Personal Vaporizer: Marijuana Use

We’ll get this right out of the way; yes people do use vaporizers to partake of marijuana. For some folks, it’s strictly a recreational thing. They like to bust out their handheld vaporizer, inhale some THC-rich vapors and do their thing. There are many people who use a pocket vaporizer pipe to use medicinal marijuana too. Vaping marijuana is much less harmful to the lungs and cardiovascular system, so taking in weed in this manner just makes better sense for some folks.

Okay, so we’ve established that there are lots of folks that use their own personal vaporizer to use marijuana. So that’s the end of the story, right? Just like everyone said, there are really no other valid reasons to use one.

Hold on just a minute. There are some other uses for a personal vaporizer that we’re going to tell you about right now…

Personal Vaporizer: A Viable Cigarette Alternative

Every year millions of smokers attempt to stop smoking by using patches, gums, prescription drugs and lots of other expensive solutions. And a lot of these people end up going back to smoking cigarettes, after dropping a lot of cash on these stop-smoking solutions. For some of these folks, a cheap vaporizer may do a lot more good than all those other remedies.

You see, many smokes simply can’t quit, because they need to inhale and go through the physical movements of smoking. By using a vaporizer, many of these people find that they can use vapors as a valid replacement for smoke. Regular tobacco can be vaporized, and inhaled as one way to beat the smoking habit. Another way is for people to use e-cigarettes, which are really just miniature, self-contained vaporizers that mimic the look, taste and feel of a cigarette.

When you were a kid and got a chest cold, you’re mother may have used a vaporizer to clear up the congestion in your lungs. Granted, those kinds of vaporizers are a bit different from the kinds that we’re talking about, but a portable vaporizer can do the same thing. A bowl full of water, with a few drops of eucalyptus can work wonders on a congested chest. Using a handheld vaporizer to do so, is just taking an ages-old remedy and putting a modern day twist on it.

As you can see, vaporizers aren’t simply one-trick ponies. They can actually serve quite a few, very important purposes. If you do plan on getting started with vaping, be sure to pick up the best portable vaporizer you can afford, so that you get the most out of your experience.

And who knows. Before too long you may find other cool things that you can use your personal vaporizer for…

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