Vaporizer PipeWith the use of vaporizers becoming so popular, it only makes sense that people are looking to get the best vaporizer pipe for their money. The only thing is that there are so many new models on the market, that it can often be difficult for people to find the best portable vaporizer for their purchasing dollar.

And since we know that everyone is different, and that each person uses their personal vaporizer for different things, we decided to put together some tips to help people find the handheld vaporizer pipe that best suits their expectations and needs.

Yes, we know that calling any particular model the “Best Portable Vaporizer” is something that is – at the end of the day – subjective. But we did want to at least hit the general features that distinguish a great vaporizer pipe from a not so great one.

Vaporizer Pipe: Size Matters

Since we’re kind of focusing on the portable or pocket vaporizer in this post, we could not skip over the importance of size. When you’re buying a vaporizer pipe, portability and ease of use are very contingent upon the size of the pipe. Some people consider a personal vaporizer that they can keep in their backpack or purse to be a good portable vaporizer. In our opinion, though, it’s best to get one that is even a bit smaller – one that you can easily keep in your pocket while you’re out. That way, you’ll always have quick, easy access to partake of your favorite herb or tobacco, no matter where you go.

Just because a vaporizer pipe is small doesn’t mean that it is a cheap vaporizer. In fact, the quality of some of the smaller pipes has come a long way in recent years, and looks to be improving even more for future models. At the end of the day price is always going to matter, s none of us wants to spend more than we have to. But, like anything else, you really do get what you pay for, even when you are purchasing a handheld vaporizer. So don’t target the lowest price models only, as you may end up with a vaporizer pipe that has to be replaced after a few months.

It’s good to look for bargains, but don’t cheat yourself of a good vaping experience, by only concentrating only getting a cheap vaporizer. Consider customer reviews and find one that fits your budget, by all means, but still get the best quality pipe that you can for your money.

Get a Quick Heating Vaporizer Pipe

Vaporizing requires heat. If you’re really focusing on a portable vaporizer pipe, you should consider one that heats up very quickly. Some vaporizers are battery powered, others have built in butane tanks, and others let you use a standard lighter. Whatever heating method your chosen vaporizer uses, make sure that it has a reputation for heating to optimal temperatures relatively quickly. After all, when you’re vaping on the go, you usually don’t have the luxury of waiting ½ hour for a vaporizer to heat up enough to use.

That is our list of some of the things that distinguish a good vaporizer pipe from the less desirable models. Again, this list – like nearly every list – is subjective, and you’ll have to consider your own vaping needs when you decide on the model that you will eventually purchase. But keep these criteria in mind, so you can find the best vaporizer pipe for a more robust, enjoyable vaping experience.

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